Pioneering technology for protein production

During our last financial year progress against our strategic objectives included:

Gene editing

  • Conducted further trials on our gene-edited pigs, demonstrating complete resistance to two prevalent types of PRRSv, and made our second submission for regulatory approval in the US
  • With our partner BCA, increased interactions with MARA and progressed in-country lab and production facilities
  • Continued our collaboration with Kansas State University to evaluate opportunities for combating swine influenza and African Swine Fever

Gender skew

  • Introduced a second generation of our industry-leading sexing technology to enhance ease of operation, improve efficiency and increase the gender skew rate of each unit produced
  • Increased production capacity to help ABS meet global demand for its sexed semen product, Sexcel
  • Continued to expand our network of IntelliGen Technologies laboratories, which now number 11 owned and licensed facilities across four continents

Reproductive biology

  • Harnessed new techniques and technologies to improve our system for IVF, enhancing the quality and quantity of embryos produced internally and within licensed laboratories
  • Started exploring the benefits of working with embryonic stem cells to accelerate genetic gain, through collaborations with the University of California Davis and Missouri State University

Data strategy

  • Developed a data and analytics strategy and implemented initiatives on scalable hybrid computing, flexible storage and cataloguing of assets to strengthen data science capabilities and support innovation